Adopt a School Program

Starting in September of 2016 the Rye Police have been engaging in an Adopt a School program throughout the Rye School District. This program is very similar to any School Resource Officer found throughout schools across the United States. The major difference is that the officers participating in the program here in Rye are only part of the school community for a short time during their designated tour of duty.

There are eight designated police officers who volunteered to participate in this program. Each officer has been or is scheduled to complete the Basic School Resource Officers Course to become a certified School Resource Officer (SRO). Each officer has completed the Instructor Development Course. This course allows officers to gain skills that will assist them in developing and teaching topics that they could present to the school community.

The SRO goal is to become a seamless part of the school community. Each officer brings strengths to the program and are working to build relationships at every level of the school community. The SRO is not there to arrest the children. The SRO number one goal is to promote a safe learning environment and to contribute to the learning in any way needed.


In the classroom: The SRO can present and teach various topics; Bullying, Dangers of Texting and Driving, Dangers of Drinking and Driving, Dangers of Drugs, How to deal with Peer Pressure, bike safety, Drivers education and many more.

As an Advisor: The SRO is part of an integral team of professionals that can assist in problem solving with issues in the school community. The SRO will always keep an open mind in meeting the need of the school community. The SRO will hold all meeting in confidence. The SRO will meet the need of the school community.

Security: The obvious of having a trained armed SRO increases security within itself. The SRO can also participate on the Schools safety community. The SRO can do risk management identifying vulnerabilities, probabilities and Consequences. The SRO can conduct daily walk through assessing items throughout. The SRO is a certified first responder and can help coordinate along with school officials any lockdown, lockout or evacuation that could occur.

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